The heart of RWA is paid, transitional work.

All work performed by Ready, Willing & Able (RWA) trainees has multiple levels of significance:

  • The rhythm of going to work each day counteracts negative, addictive and criminal behaviors
  • The culture of work gives trainees a sense of purpose and belonging
  • Trainees get credible job experience that helps them secure full-time employment at graduation
  • Money earned becomes the first step toward financial self-sufficiency
  • Trainees' work directly benefits the city, which recognizes their contributions
  • Trainees can take pride in their accomplishments, improving their self-esteem

Our Community Improvement Project

After 30 days in RWA, trainees start work that changes lives and improves our city. Trainees perform highly visible work, such as street cleaning or landscaping, and focus on building a work ethic as well as developing the "soft skills" of employment:

  • Punctuality
  • Teamwork
  • Following instructions from supervisors

On location at communities throughout Philadelphia

Philadelphia trainees also help keep public parks within the Philadelphia Department of Parks & Recreation system looking beautiful with supplemental maintenance services. In Fairmount Park alone, each crew removes nearly 300 bags of litter and debris from the park every week. RWA trainees, dressed in their trademark bright blue uniforms, are frequently seen working hard in these locales:

  • Kelly Drive and Boathouse Row, and throughout East Fairmount Park
  • Belmont Plateau, and throughout West Fairmount Park
  • LOVE Park
  • Rittenhouse Square
  • Benjamin Franklin Parkway
  • FDR Park
  • Packer Park

We are also proud to be a cleaning and maintenance provider for other community improvement projects in the City of Philadelphia:

  • American Street Empowerment Zone
  • Community Land Care and Vacant Lot Maintenance Programs (with Pennsylvania Horticultural Society)

Already able to help those less fortunate

Ready, Willing & Able (RWA) crews are contracted to maintain three homeless shelters by the Office of Supportive Housing. For our formerly homeless trainees, this is a particularly poignant task that acts as a powerful motivator to homeless people still there.

Philadelphia trainee crews clean bathrooms, bedrooms, and facility kitchens as well as maintain the floors and the perimeters of the following shelters:

  • Stenton Family Manor
  • Woodstock Family Center
  • Apple Tree Family Center

RWA in the kitchen

We recognize the many unique talents of our trainees, and that's why Ready, Willing & Able (RWA) operates a culinary arts job-training program, which provides food handling and food preparation skills, as well as basic nutrition education. This program offers intensive, on-the-job training for those interested in working in the food services industry and links to jobs within the sector. RWA trainees prepare over 75,000 meals each year.