Ready, Willing & Able's comprehensive approach to tackling homelessness includes providing dormitory-style transitional housing, paid work, vocational training, adult basic education, job placement, social support services, and life-long graduate services. Our facility houses 70 residents. To graduate, trainees must meet three stringent criteria: full-time employment, independent housing, and maintenance of a sober lifestyle.

Ready, Willing & Able is a transitional housing provider that is funded by the City of Philadelphia's Office of Supportive Housing (OSH). Ready, Willing & Able and OSH share a common mission to move homeless individuals towards independent living and self-sufficiency.

Program Eligibility: Ready, Willing & Able accepts homeless males, over the age of 18, who currently reside in emergency housing shelters funded by the City of Philadelphia's Office of Supportive Housing. Case managers in these facilities can work with interested clients in completing a transitional housing application. Applicants to Ready, Willing & Able should also be:

Ready... To give up drugs and alcohol.

Willing... To commit to program structure of self-sufficiency.

Able... To Work