news: February 28, 2012

RWA is One Step Away

Ready, Willing & Able

 Ready, Willing & Able recently began a partnership with One Step Away, Philadelphia's first street newspaper aimed at raising awareness of homelessness and providing employment to those in need. The newspapers are sold on the street and with each dollar received, $.75 goes directly to the vendor and the other $.25 covers the printing costs. The vendors are residents of various shelters in Philadelphia, including The Ridge Center, the largest men's shelter in Philadelphia; the Woodstock Family Shelter, an emergency shelter for women and their children who have become homeless; and Project H.O.M.E.

One Step Away's mission to offer those without shelter meaningful income opportunities and personal growth, highlight the problem of homelessness and lack of affordable housing in the Philadelphia area, and to bring forward solutions and changes so that everyone enjoys the shelter they deserve.

Each month, One Step Away will share a creative writing piece from one of the "men in blue", many of which will have been featured on our blog, Notes from 'the R'.

"We're huge fans of Ready, Willing & Able and absolutely in love with the blog! It's a great thing to feel like you have a voice and we always want to be the vehicle for people to express themselves." - Kevin Roberts, One Step Away Editor

Visit for more information about One Step Away.